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Whiskers & Wisdom

August 4, 2018
11 AM - 2 PM

On August 4th, from 11AM-2PM, join Mission Memorial Park & Seaside Funeral Home and Mission Mortuary for Whiskers & Wisdom - a pet adoption event and food drive! 

Adults ages 60 years and over can adopt wonderful pets ages 3+ for up to $50 off the adoption fee! The adoption includes spay or neuter surgery, microchip, rabies vaccinations and others as appropriate to age and species, SPCA identification, health evaluation, and a special Whiskers and Wisdom screening.

The SPCA will bring 3 dogs and some cats (as available). Only pets whose temperament is calm and, in the case of dogs, who demonstrate reliability on a leash will be Whiskers candidates. The SPCA Whiskers and Wisdom program will pair these specially screened dogs and cats with their new owners for up to $50 off the adoption fee. In return, The SPCA asks that the new pet owner agree to properly feed, care for and love his or her new family member for its natural life or, if for any reason that becomes impossible, return him to The SPCA to bring joy to another Wisdom adopter.

We are also holding a Donation Drive for the SPCA every day now through August 4th from 8AM - 5PM. Please drop off any donations to Mission Mortuary 450 Camino El Estero, Monterey, CA 93940.

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